Universal Joints

Nitrile Rubber

GMB Universal Joints can withstand a higher tolerance of short and prolonged exposure to a wide range of oils, and chemicals, whether it be fully submerged or just exposed to the elements. The nitrile rubber can endure extreme temperatures from -40°F to +250°F without compromising functional or structural integrity.


Inferior low-grade rubber uses fillers and other impurities to reduce costs compromising the overall integrity of the rubber, resulting in premature failure. Seal failure leads to loss of grease and contamination which are the #1 reason for failure for universal joints.

Chrome-Molybdenum Steel

As opposed to a standard-grade 1020 steel, GMB uses a high-grade Chrome-Molybdenum steel with superior strength, longer life expectancy, as well as additional corrosion protection.


Lower-grade metals are subject to fracturing and sheering, causing mild to severe conditions such as excessive vibration, loss of vehicle stability, and vehicle immobilization. It can also lead to further extensive costly repairs.

Proprietary Protective Coating

GMB Universal Joints are coated in a proprietary protective formula which is baked on multiple layers of powder coating providing superior rust resistance and a non-porous surface.


Located in the driveline under the vehicle, Universal Joints are exposed to all kinds of elements such as environmental, salt water, and snow melting chemicals to name a few. This over-exposure leaves the universal joint vulnerable and subject to oxidation which can lead to premature failure during normal operation or in a high torque situation. Adding a protective coating with a non-porous surface drastically reduces the chances of oxidation forming in small crevices and increases the longevity, durability and reliability of the universal joint.

Solid Steel Needle Bearings

High-Grade Solid Steel Needle Bearings

GMB Universal Joints are manufactured with high-grade solid steel tubular needle bearings that are heat-treated and designed to withstand extreme temperature changes, high pressure, and excessive torque.


Low-grade hollow steel tubular needle bearings without heat treatment are subject to warping, cracking, and excess wear, leading to decreased durability and shorter life expectancy.

Educate Your Customers About Preventative Maintenance!

Preventative maintenance is the key to maximizing the performance and durability of any universal joint. Here’s a list of maintenance tips to share with your customers:

  1. If a greaseable Universal Joint is installed, periodically inspect your Universal Joints for proper greasing approximately every oil change.
  2. Inspect the yoke that holds your Universal Joint for cracks and stress marks.
  3. Check your seals for signs of leakage and replace if seals are leaking.
  4. Periodically check for drive shaft play, an indication of Universal Joint or seal failure.
  5. Inspect drive shaft for cracks, stress marks, dents and bends and replace if necessary.

U-Joint components