Timing Belt Kit With Water Pump

Fan ClutchGMB has been an OE bearing manufacturer for over 70 years. With this experience, GMB has become one of the top manufacturers in the world. As a major manufacturer of timing components, we have had the opportunity to supply the market for decades. Our quality has been proven in the industry by mechanics and DIYers alike. We know you are familiar with our OE quality tensioner and idler bearings, and water pumps too.

We are excited to introduce the GMB branded Timing Belt Kit with Water Pump, complete with the OE quality you have been satisfied with for years.

Key Features
  • OE factory tested timing components
  • OE belt manufacturer
  • GMB water pump designed to match OE coolant flow rate and pressure
  • Rigorous testing and quality control for all bearing components
  • All kits are complete with gaskets and seals

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