Wheel Bearings and Hub Assemblies

High Grade Steel Bearings

High Grade Steel Bearings

GMB Bearings are made of a high strength GCR15 steel, subjected to a proprietary process to achieve maximum hardness, and then finally treated with a G-10 finish.


High grade GCR15 steel is used to prevent premature failure due to extreme temperatures and high loads during normal operating conditions. G-10 resin is one of the toughest of “glass fiber resins” available. Non-treated steel bearings showed signs of scoring after only a few thousand miles of simulated testing at various speeds. Whereas treated steel bearings showed lasted over one hundred thousand miles of simulated testing.

High Grade Steel Hubs

Roll Formed High-Grade Steel Hub

GMB Hub Assemblies are made from a single piece of machined roll-formed high-grade steel.


This process ensures the structural integrity of the steel by eliminating the need for welding or creating weak points within the hub assembly for enhanced durability, performance, and reliability.

Bearing Grease

Specially Formulated Bearing Grease

GMB Wheel Bearing & Hub Assemblies contain specially formulated bearing grease. This special bearing grease has superior lubrication, enhanced thermal dissipation, water wash-out resistance, and better ability to lock in oils to keep the bearings rolling at optimal performance!


Without grease, the best bearing in the world would fail very quickly. So, it’s important to use a high-quality grease that will last the life of the bearing.

Triple & Quadruple Lip Sealing

GMB Hub Bearing Assemblies use a triple and quadruple lip sealing technology. This technique uses high temperature resistant rubber to achieve maximum bearing protection against dust, water and road debris.


The seal is crucial in protecting the bearing from foreign contaminants as well as retaining the bearing grease. Extended exposure to foreign contaminants such as dust, water and road debris can quickly begin breaking down the lubricating properties of the bearing grease, develop rust, or seize the bearing all together stripping the bearing of its primary function. In such cases you can experience excessive vibration, excessive noise, or even catastrophic failure.

OEM Spec ABS Sensors

ABS sensors used with GMB Wheel Hub Assemblies are manufactured with premium wire casings with 99.90% pure copper on the internal wiring for greater electrical conductivity and optimal performance. Our sensors are rigorously tested using the latest state-of-the-art equipment to ensure that the signal waves meet or exceed OE specs, and Electromagnetic Radiation Detectors to detect noise to eliminate radio interference.


The ABS Sensors sole function is to measure the rotational speed of a wheel then transmit the collected information to the vehicles Engine Control Module (ECM) to assist the anti-lock braking system for controlling the vehicles driving stability under varying conditions. With premium wire casings, greater electrical conductivity, and rigorous testing, we can ensure a high level of performance, durability, and the longevity you expect for your vehicle.

Educate Your Customers About Preventative Maintenance!

Preventative maintenance is the key to maximizing the performance and durability of any hub bearing. Here’s a list of maintenance tips to share with your customers:

  1. When replacing your Wheel Bearing & Hub Assembly inspect and clean mounting point surface to ensure a level installation
  2. Inspect lug nuts for inner thread stripping and rust
  3. Make sure ABS cable is secure and clear of moving parts
  4. Replace suspension parts when needed to prevent unnecessary wear and tear on your bearings
  5. Rotate your tires every other oil change to maintain an even tire wear pattern for a smooth ride
  6. Tighten bolt to the correct torque specification as outlined by the OEM manufacture specific for your vehicle
  7. Check your wheel lugs for proper torque every tire rotation
  8. Check for proper wheel alignment at least once per year