Fuel Pump

Fuel PumpThe modern fuel system is electronically controlled by on-board computers. It is designed to adjust and optimize the air/fuel ratio that is delivered to the engine as driving conditions change. GMB Fuel Pumps are essential to delivering the required amount of fuel from the fuel tank to the engine. Each GMB Fuel Pump goes through 3 points of inspection; at the development stage, manufacturing stage, and prior to shipment to our customers. This ensures the quality and optimum life of the Fuel Pump.

Key Features
  • 100% Pressure and Flow-rate tested in-house
  • Includes all required hardware for installation
  • Durability tested during development for longer life
  • Designed to reduce noise
  • New filters available in all sizes
  • Gasoline, Diesel and Flex Fuel Pumps available
  • Heavy Duty and Agricultural pumps available