Electric Water Pumps


high quality carbon steel

High Quality Self-Lubricating Carbon Steel

GMB Electric Water Pumps feature high quality Self-Lubricating Carbon Steel in many internal components to prevent oxidation, ensure smooth rotation of the shaft, lower operational noise, and also to prevent premature failure.


Inferior grade metals are more susceptible to premature wear and oxidation build-up leading to excessive vibration, higher operational demands, and even catastrophic failure.

Electric Water Pump Housing

Precision OEM Spec Housings & Harnesses

GMB Water Pump Housings & Harnesses are manufactured to match the exact OEM material specifications. Each housing and harness is also precision measured using state of the art technology to be dimensionally correct up to a 99.99% accuracy with tight tolerance limits to ensure proper Fit, Form and Function.


Consolidation of the materials leads with loose tolerances can cause fitment issues, poor connectivity, bearing failure, pump seizing, compromised flow rates, coolant leakage, or inadequate performance.


Proprietary Premium Korean Laminates

GMB uses the highest quality Korean grade laminates that maintain a uniform magnetism so that each pump efficiently outputs the correct amount of power. This ensures consistent flow rates under the highest of demands your vehicle will experience.


Most magnetic metals used in manufacturing Electronic Water Pumps in the market are coming from various countries with inconsistent regulations and levels of quality varying greatly from batch to batch. This inconsistent quality control is leading to improper output power and a wide range of performance levels causing inadequate function of the cooling system and unpredictable failure rates.

NOTE: Improper flow rates may also result in check engine warning lights for Electric Water Pumps.

PCD Board Components

Superior Automotive-Grade PCD Board Components

GMB Electric Water Pump are manufactured using only superior Automotive-Grade PCD Board components (capacitors, resistors, transistors, inductors, and logic chips / MCU’s) to accommodate the extreme operating temperatures your vehicle will encounter, ranging anywhere from -40°F → +248°F or higher.


Widely used in aftermarket electronic water pumps today, you will find the use of standard Appliance-Grade PCD Board components which can limit the pumps operation to functioning only when conditions are between +32°F → +176°F. Engine compartment temperatures regularly exceed this maximum temperature, so there is a high risk of improper operation when it is needed the most, WHEN HOT!

Educate Your Customers About Preventative Maintenance!

Preventative maintenance is the key to maximizing the performance and durability of any electric water pump. Here’s a list of maintenance tips to share with your customers:

  1. Check fluid levels with every oil change
  2. Thoroughly empty and clean the fuel tank at installation, as well as using a brand new fuel pump strainer to maximize the Fuel Pumps’ life.
  3. Avoid the use of water in your cooling system as it lacks lubricating, cleaning, anti-rust properties, and accelerates the deterioration of the cooling system components.
  4. Avoid off brand or universal coolants as they tend to have a lower level of ethylene glycol concentration and higher levels of acidity / alkalinity which drastically reduce the lifespan of your water pump.
  5. It is recommended to replace your water pump every 60,000 miles as a preventative maintenance item to ensure your engine’s cooling system is running adequately to avoid other costly repairs.