HD Water Pumps and Universal Joints From GMB

GMB Here To Serve Your FleetWhen it comes to heavy duty applications, GMB Water Pumps and Universal Joints stand out from the crowd. GMB offers OEM quality at a cost that’s often lower than remanufactured OEM parts, with a wide range of HD applications available.

OEM Part Quality at An Aftermarket Price

In the “old” days, commercial fleet managers knew that OEM parts were the only way to go. Most of the aftermarket companies didn’t offer parts that were durable enough for HD applications, leading to a lot of problems, angry operators, and lost revenue.

Today, the parts business is different. Many of the OEMs are sourcing parts from aftermarket suppliers, just changing the brand name to match. As one of the world’s largest manufacturers of Water Pumps and Universal Joints, GMB is one of the suppliers that OEMs come to.

Why GMB Parts?

HD Water Pump and Universal JointGMB HD Water Pumps and Universal Joints are produced in-house to the same precise specifications as OEM parts:

  • All our HD Universal Joint bearing surfaces are case hardened to uniform depths, for higher strength and durability
  • All our HD Water Pumps are manufactured to strict OEM specifications using all new material
  • All our Water Pumps utilize world class GMB bearing technology to ensure product quality and safety

Why Pay More For Remanufactured Water Pumps When You Can Buy New?

GMB Commercial Fleet HD Truck PartsIt’s a strange situation when remanufactured water pumps are more costly than brand new HD Water Pumps from GMB.

We know that fleet managers shouldn’t pay more for remanufactured pumps than brand new pumps. That’s why GMB Water Pumps do not reuse any “old” components, allowing for stricter and more consistent quality control. With this said, you can count on GMB to be with you for the long-haul. Check out our HD water pump buyer’s guide for more info on GMB’s line of HD water pumps.

If you’d like to learn more about HD products from GMB, click here to contact us today!