GMB’s Global Network

East Asia

GMB meets the global market demands by capitalizing on the strength of our locations to accommodate the customers’ needs. Beginning with Japan being a major automotive producing country; add to it Korea, which specializes in mastering innovative manufacturing technologies and China, with its ever increasing population causing car ownership ratio to rise.

Map of East Asia Facilities

GMB Korea Corp.

Head Office and Plant

Head Office and Plant 1

Plant 2

Plant 2

Seosan Plant

Seosan Plant

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GMB Corporation

Nara Head Office and Plant

Nara Head Office and Plant

Osaka Office and Plant

Osaka Office and Plant

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Qingdao GMB Machinery Product Co., LTD.

Qingdao GMB Machinery

Qingdao GMB Automotive Co., LTD.

Qingdao GMB Automotive

AG Tech Corp.

AG Tech Corp.

Nantong GMB Automotive Co., LTD.

GMB Nantong

Southeast Asia

Thailand’s economic growth enabled GMB to meet the needs of local car makers, agricultural and industrial machine makers and the aftermarket. We do this by producing and distributing water pumps, steering & suspension parts as well as steering joints in factories in Thailand.

GMB in Southeast Asia

Thai GMB Industry Co., LTD

Thai GMB

Thai Kyowa GMB Co., LTD

Thai Kyowa GMB


GMB has strategically located sales offices and production plants throughout Europe to easily supply OEM Tiers 1 and 2 and aftermarket auto parts. Sales offices are located in Germany and in the UK as they are world renowned countries for being automotive industry leaders. New production plants are positioned in Russia and Romania for GMB to continue to be the OEM supplier of choice for car manufacturers.

GMB in Europe

GMB Romania Auto Industry SRL

GMB Romania

GMB Rus Togliatti LLC

GMB Russia

North America

The United States is the world’s number one car ownership country. GMB North America focuses on supplying aftermarket auto parts for major retail chain stores with sales and warehouses located on the east and west coasts. North America prides itself on staying ahead of the fierce competition by offering their customers unique services that helps them to improve their sales performance.

GMB in North America

GMB North America, Inc., California Office

GMB North America, Inc., California Office

GMB North America, Inc., New Jersey Office

GMB North America, Inc., New Jersey Office