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What Causes a Wheel Hub Assembly to Go Bad?

Good wheel hub assemblies are built like tanks. But sometimes they break or wear out, like any other part on a car. When that happens, it’s easy to wonder what went wrong. There are three common causes of bearing failure: impacts, contamination, or improper alignment.

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Wheel Bearing Failure Modes and Troubleshooting

Wheel bearings are one of the most critical – and ignored – auto parts. Considering that a vehicle cannot roll without them (at least not very far), it’s a bit strange wheel bearings only get attention when they begin to fail. Perhaps the problem is that modern, single bearing systems are simple, reliable, and generally […]

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Symptoms of a Worn Wheel Hub Bearing

The purpose of a wheel bearing is simple—to allow the wheel to spin with as little friction as possible. When a wheel bearing malfunctions, it lets you know something’s wrong by making noise. Even if you’re hearing tons of noise while on the road, diagnosing a broken wheel bearing can be a tricky task. Whether […]

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