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Major Innovations In Fuel Pumps

The mechanical fuel pump was commonly used in automobiles between the 1920s and late 1960s. During those 40-50 years, the mechanical fuel pump design did not evolve much. In the late 1960s, the electric fuel pump replaced the mechanical fuel pump in many vehicles. That was over 50 years ago. In those 5 decades, the […]

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Major Innovations In Fuel Pump Design Since 1900

Cars have been using fuel pumps for about a century now. The fuel pump has evolved quite a bit over the years. Here’s an overview of how the fuel pump came to be the useful part we all know today. 1900-1920s: Fuel Was Supplied To The Engine Via Gravity The fuel pump didn’t come into […]

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Toyota’s Electrification Plans Still Call For Fuel Pumps

This article was originally published on When major automakers like Toyota announce plans to electrify their entire vehicle line-up, the auto industry takes note. Electrification raises the issue of phasing out gas-powered vehicles, as well as the parts that are specific to gas-powered vehicles. If Toyota – and other automakers – are selling a […]

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