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Avoid These 4 Mistakes When Installing A Fuel Pump

A surefire way to reduce comebacks is to install a part the right way the first time. It’s not easy to replace a fuel pump, but avoiding the most common mistakes will help the job go much more smoothly. Even the most experienced techs can make mistakes on a fuel pump replacement.

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Tips To Maximize Fuel Pump Lifespan

A quality fuel pump lasts 100,000 miles or more. Fuel pumps aren’t cheap to replace, so it’s worth taking a few measures to prolong the lifespan of your fuel pump. Here are 4 good ways to ensure that your fuel pump lasts as long as possible:

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The Repair Shop’s Guide To The Wheel Hub Assembly

  Fixing wheel hubs is not a job for every shop. If you run a shop or work at one that accepts these tickets, we highly recommend you check out GMB’s latest free download – The Repair Shop’s Guide To The Wheel Hub Assembly. In it, you’ll get 14+ pages of content that covers: Symptoms of […]

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