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Looking Ahead: Where Will Performance Shops Be In 2038?

This article was originally published on 2038 seems far away, but it’ll be here before we know it. Technology is evolving – quickly – and it’s interesting to see how the advancements are already affecting the auto industry. It’s hard to predict what’ll happen in 20 years.

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Will Self-Driving Cars Boost the Auto Repair Industry?

This article was originally published on While there’s some debate about when self-driving cars will become commonplace – and precisely how they’ll be used by consumers – it’s fair to say that self-driving vehicles are coming. When they arrive, they will likely cause changes across society.

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Periodic Table of Car Elements

There are dozens of natural elements used to create an automobile. Most of us think of steel, lubricants, wiring, glass, paint, and leather or fabric when we think of the pieces and parts of a car or truck, but it goes much deeper than that. Auto manufacturing is a matter of science, and we’ve looked […]

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