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How the Aftermarket Parts Industry Is Adapting to the Rise of EVs

 This article was originally published on A lot of auto industry experts aren’t sure when EVs will become standard. However, they’re pretty sure that once the mid-2020s rolls around, EVs will be comparable to or cheaper to buy and operate than internal combustion vehicles. Once we reach that point, it’s likely that EVs will […]

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The Difference Between OEM and OES Parts

When you’re looking for a replacement part for your car, you’ve probably run across the abbreviations OEM and OES. In this article, we will go over what each designation means and help you figure out which type of part offers the best value for your money.

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When It Comes To Water Pumps, EVs Are Business As Usual

This article was originally published on Many people are under the impression that electric vehicles don’t need cooling systems. And therefore don’t need water pumps. But, thankfully for the aftermarket industry, this isn’t true. Electric cars produce heat and still need a cooling system. That’s where the water pump comes in.

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