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Wheel Bearing Failure Modes and Troubleshooting

Wheel bearings are one of the most critical – and ignored – auto parts. Considering that a vehicle cannot roll without them (at least not very far), it’s a bit strange wheel bearings only get attention when they begin to fail. Perhaps the problem is that modern, single bearing systems are simple, reliable, and generally do not require maintenance.

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U-Joint Failure Modes & Troubleshooting

The universal joint (U-joint) is a common part found on any rear-wheel drive or four-wheel drive vehicle, especially body-on-frame designs such as trucks and SUVs. The U-joint’s purpose is to transfer power to the driveshaft when the transmission and axle are at differing planes (heights). U-joints are always in pairs, usually at either end of the driveshaft.

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The 3 Most Common Causes of U-Joint Failure

While any rear wheel drive vehicle can have a universal joint (u-joint), they’re typically found on pickups and SUVs. U-joints connect the driveshaft to the transmission and rear differential, and they allow for a change in the angle of the driveline. This way, the vehicle’s rear axle can move up and down without breaking the driveshaft.

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Fan Clutch Failure Modes and Troubleshooting

The use of clutch-driven fans in vehicles is no longer common, but there are plenty of vehicles still on the road which use a mechanically-operated cooling fan. Most of these are large, rear-wheel drive vehicles with large displacement engines.

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How To Explain Water Pump Failure To a Customer

When a water pump fails, the results can be catastrophic. For this reason, it’s often in a consumer’s best interest to replace a water pump at the first sign of trouble. However, consumers aren’t always aware of the importance of a water pump, nor are they always familiar with water pump failure modes. To help them understand, we created the following guide.

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New vs. Remanufactured Water Pumps – Pros and Cons

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Total water pump failure can lead to devastating problems, including engine failure. The best approach is to be aware of the signs of failure and replace the water pump right away. If an engine’s water pump is failing, there are two replacement options to consider: a rebuilt/remanufactured water pump or a brand-new one. Before choosing, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons of each option.

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