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40th Anniversary Giveaway

Can you believe that 2017 is knocking on the door? We can’t!

As 2016 comes to a close, we’re reminded of what can be accomplished when great customers continue to support us. Not only we were able to launch a brand new website this year, but this month marks our 40th anniversary. » Read More…

Maximizing the Lifespan of Your Water Pump

The water pump is the heart of your engine’s cooling system, and keeping it in tip-top shape is important to the lifespan of your car. Manufacturers design water pumps to last the life of the vehicle, so as long as the regular maintenance is performed, it should stick with you until the end of days.

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Water Pump Failure Modes and Troubleshooting

If your water pump fails, it often costs a lot more than a little inconvenience on the side of the road. Worst case scenario: broken water pumps can lead to serious issues that can badly damage your engine, and eventually cause complete engine failure.

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How to Tell if Your Water Pump is Failing

For your car, coolant is just as important to keep topped off as any other fluid. It protects your engine from high heat as well as freezing temperatures. The water pump cycles coolant from the radiator throughout the engine, absorbing the heat and wicking it away into the atmosphere. When water pumps go bad, it causes your engine to overheat—and that leads to all sorts of trouble.

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Symptoms of a Worn Wheel Hub Bearing

The purpose of a wheel bearing is simple—to allow the wheel to spin with as little friction as possible. When a wheel bearing malfunctions, it lets you know something’s wrong by making noise.

Even if you’re hearing tons of noise while on the road, diagnosing a broken wheel bearing can be a tricky task. Whether caused by excessive heat, water damage, an unfortunate pothole, corrosion, or normal wear and tear, there are a variety of noises that could indicate a broken wheel bearing.

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